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Water Drains

Our drain system that can truly conform to almost any design.

A system of premium grade PVC components designed to offer a generous open area for fast and efficient handling of excess water. All grates are interlocking and completely modular ensuring simple installation and maintenance, yet durable enough for pedestrian and light vehicle passage.


- Available for concrete and liner pools.

- Models to fit inside or outside of the pipe.

- Compliant with BS - EN13451 Standard.

Material Made of high resistant ABS with UV protection.
Colors White

Frame & Grate:

- Available in two sizes 9”x9” and 18”x18”.

- Supplied with St.St. screws for mixing the grill.

- Max flow for 9”x9” 225 g/m (1-5m/sec.).

- Max flow for 18”x18” 915 g/m (1-5m/sec.).

Gutter Drain:

- Designed specifically for over flow canals.

- Used as a suction element for concrete spas.

- Supplied with screws.

- 63 mm inside dimeter glue.

- Max flow rate 9 meters cubed/h.

Main Drain:

- Designed for concrete and liner pools.

- Designed in round shape.

- The grill diameter in 250 mm.

- Lateral outlet 2 inch.

- Supplied with screw’s 2 gasket’s and flange (for liner pool).

- Used to draw the base water for filtering and emptying the pool.

- Max flow rate 12 meters cubed/h.