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Underwater Light Safety Tranformer

Safety transformers are manufactured from the highest material quality according to the electric standard and feature lower no load loss, a strong output power a high working efficiency, a small temperature rise and strong safety performance. These transformers are specially designed for underwater lighting in swimming pools. Safety associated transformers for halogen lamp 12 V.


- Isolating Transformers.

- Index protection IP-64.

- Primary and secondary tap compartments separated and fully enclosed.

- The case in moulded from glass filled nylon 66.

- The case protected against rust and corrosion.

- The primary winding is protected from excessive current flow and full short circuit by fuse.

- Supplied with indicator light.

- Compliant with BS - EN 60742 standard.

Colors Blue
Power 330 VA
Code T-1-300
Input/Primary Voltage 230 V
Output/Secondary Voltage 12-14 V
Secondary Current 25 A